Inspiration for a corrupt free and fair business practices is the most important part of our strategy.

PSB, is a products and services broker with the primary objectives of preventing occurrence of corrupt and fraud practices, and rendering a society of equal opportunities for all.

This endeavor to fight poverty and develop the country has faced fierce and enormous challenges like corruption, high appetite for imports and mindset among many. However, corruption appears to be the most evil of all the challenges because it drains down resources by compromising quality of services and/or products, deprives intended beneficiaries and unfairly deeps into the pockets of already impoverished citizens to enrich the few unqualified greedy connected barons.

While some effort has been made to fight corruption, some challenges around it still stand out like selective application of justice and high probability of recurrence as evidenced by new cases reported every now and then. The fear of these challenges prompted the establishment of ‘Products & Services Bureau Ltd’ to enforce and purify stewardship of both elected and appointed leaders for the maximum benefits of both the citizenry and shareholders

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To restore governance integrity through elimination of corrupt and fraud practices.


To eliminate corruption and promote equality in Malawi and across the globe.


To develop procedures and software applications that will eliminate corruption.


To be the most trusted broker of products and services in Malawi and on the globe.


Removing any bias or prejudice, and enforcing fairness in business processes

Purchase of Goods

Corrupt suppliers/contractors connive with decision makers or influential officers of a procuring entity to influence bid results in return for a share of the contract/purchase amount. Sometimes the carrot is dangled by the officers of the procuring entity as a condition for the business award to the contractor/supplier. In public institutions, controlling officers are further exerted with undue influence to accept bids and award contracts to businesses of the ruling elite to enable them finance the ruling party. Tribalism, regionalism, nepotism and ethnicity also play a major role in this area.

Public Service Delivery

Due to inefficiency in public service delivery, applicants for public services like immigration, electricity and water connections, houses and plots allocations, and motor vehicle licensing wait on the queue far too long for their patience. This prompts some applicants to seek ways of jumping the queue by bribing allocation or responsible/licensing officers. Some public officers deliberately create panic situations to influence bribes from applicants. Middle men operate on full time basis facilitating corruption. Consequently, smart applicants or those without extra cash on them to bribe, fall victims. This type of corruption breeds breakdown in law and order. Huge amounts of public revenues are lost.


Most job seekers spend money and time visiting institutions and dropping CVs/job application letters. Some CVs/job application letters are sent through post and emails. Most of these job seekers have limited or no access at all to the print media job adverts. The most qualified and competent persons may not necessarily be the ones employed/contracted. In this sense, there is lack of merit, fairness and sanity in most supply chains and job markets. To achieve maximum labour benefits therefore, PSB ™ will maintain data bases of individual CVs which prospective employers will access through platform.